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Beautiful mind, beautiful body, obsessed with 




I am a NESTA (National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association) Certified Personal Trainer based out of San Francisco, California with more than 10 years experience training close to hundred people in different age groups who have reported significant desirable results and body transformation over a short period of time!

I also am a Medical Doctor and have a good foundation of knowledge about human anatomy and physiology /kinesiology. With my guidance and direction, my clients have achieved their fitness goals and felt extremely satisfied with the end results (whether it was loosing weight and/or overall toning, etc). I do care about my clients genuinely and I'm specialized in designing a customized TRAINING and NUTRITION program for every single client that is tailored to their specific fitness goals and needs. I would love to transfer my motivation, education, and upbeat energy to my clients in order to help them achieve their full potential in health and fitness. I believe that fitness is a lifestyle and I'm confident that I can change yours to a healthy lifestyle as I did for myself and my past clients!

I evaluate your progress every 4 weeks by measuring your body fat percentage, body measurements and weight as well as aerobic (cardiovascular) Three Minutes Step test, Push Up test and Flexibility test. You will be amazed by the end results in less than eight weeks! 


I can't wait to work with you and help you out to achieve your fitness goals in unbelievable short amount of time! 

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