These are the exact words form my past clients:


"You've got great insight Sara, especially when it comes to form and technique of working out. I couldn't be happier to have you as my trainer!"


"You are such a great trainer! Thanks for helping me and pushing me. You are a significant part of my training! Hopefully I'll be added to your portfolio of transformed clients!"


"Be proud! You are the significant part of this change! (Before and After picture)

Your transformation is undeniably amazing and I wanted you to see some progress:

Left (before pic): March 2013, taken at Tryst Night Club in Vegas. Was drinking every or every other weekend, no motivation for regular exercise, depressed, eat unhealthy and poor self body image and poor self confidence 


Right (after pic): December 2013 (only 8 weeks after started training with me), drinking once every three months or none at all! more consistent workouts, meal prep, feel energetic, motivated and confident!"